journal or else

Remember last time you tried to keep a journal? You failed miserably. That's because you're a failure. But that's okay! I mean, it's not great. Life is hard for loser failures. You should prepare for that. But I digress.



Starring me, the JournalJerk. You can call me JJ.

JournalJerk is a email-based subscription journaling service for unmotivated slackers like you.

Here's what you need to know.

You submit journal entries via email.

No app to download or website to bookmark — write from the safety and comfort of your email client! 😍

You'll get daily email reminders.

Just reply to the email with your daily entry, and you're done!

You set your own goal.

When you sign up, you set a "journal goal" — the number of days per week you want to journal.

The price drops exponentially over time.

The weekly subscription starts at $2.99.

However the price drops by 50% each time you meet your goal!

After six successful weeks in a row, you're only paying 9 cents! 🤑

But don't break the streak.

If you fall short of your goal, you lose all your accumulated discounts and the price snaps back to $2.99.

In case you were wondering:

You can export your journal anytime.

You can unsubscribe anytime.

Your journal is secure, and we'll never share your data.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ.

Set Your Weekly Goal

Minimum 1 (obviously)

Your goal


You'll get a confirmation email immediately.
If you unsubscribe within 7 days, you pay nothing!